Summer Love

10 Aug

When I first made the decision to attend school at UNR it was solely because of the amount of snowboarding I could do.  Growing up, snowboarding has been a huge passion of mine, but living in the bay area an having weekends always busy with sports limited my number of days on the mountain.  I felt lucky to get a couple weekend trips up to the mountains, but always wanted more.  My first couple years following high-school were spent at a few different colleges trying to find the “right fit” and once it became clear to me that snowboarding’s my real passion, I figured I needed to live in a place where I could fulfill that.  I have had the pleasure of living in Reno for almost two years I’ve been able to spend the past two winters up here and have taken full advantage of  the amount of snowboarding offered.  Aside from the loving ever minute of the winter, I have recently found a new love in Tahoe during the summer months.

I’ve always enjoyed Tahoe during the summer months, but have never spent more than a few days up here on weekend getaways.  I spent last summer down in the bay area working, so I was unable to gain the real Reno/Tahoe summer experience.  However, this summer I’ve been fortunate enough to spend my entire summer in Reno/Tahoe and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.  I always hear people  saying they moved to tahoe for the winters and ended up falling in love with summers, and I can say I fully understand where they’re coming from.  Dont get me  wrong, snowboarding is still my true love, but I’ve recently learned how great summers are up here.  With everything from floating the Truckee to flying down single tracks on my mountain bike, I must admit this has been one awesome summer.  One great I believe there is so much offered in this amazing area and it seems like every time I embark on a new adventure it opens me up to a whole new world of new places and things to discover.


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