Hiking the Lower Lola Montez Lake Trail

6 Aug

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of embarking on a last minute hike.  I’ve always enjoyed hiking in Tahoe and sadly this was only my third for the summer. My roommates mom was in Tahoe for the weekend and we had met up with her to float the Truckee.  The weather wasn’t the best for floating so we pondered other fun outdoorsy things we coule do.  Chris, (my roommate) mentioned he had hiked a really fun trail just up the road from where she was staying.  We all agreed that this sounded like a fun hike and considering we’re all outdoor enthusiast, we wer all in.  We piled in her car and headed a few miles up highway 80 to the soda springs exit.  Chris was the only one knew what we were in for, so his mom and I were pretty anxious.

The trail starts with a pretty mellow descend down a fire road.  This goes on for about a mile and from there, its pretty much all up hill.  The next two miles are on a fairly narrow path that is filled with mountain bikers flying down, so keep your eye open. The trail is pretty easy to follow due to signs at every point that could be confusing.  Keep hiking and once you reach a geogous open meadow, take a deep breath knowing your close and enjoy your beautful surroundings.  Keep hiking for another five minutes and before you know you will be standing infront of the gergous Lower Lola Montez Lake.  There are a few different spots around the lake where you can sit, enjoy the views, and if you were smart enough to pack food, you can enjoy that to.  We didn’t go swimming, but there were people in the water making it look extremely appealing.  After about a half hour spent at the lake we decided to trek it back.  The hike down is pretty easy and again, the signs lead you in right directions.  My advice to anyone interested in the trail is to pack lots of water, bring food, and watch out for bikers.  Get outside and enjoy our wonderful surroundings.

Access: Take the Soda Springs exit off Interstate 80. On the north side of the freeway follow the paved road east past the fire station for three tenths mile to the parking area

Photo courtesy of: http://www.davessierrafishing.com/destinations/lolamontez.html


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