Keystone Canyon Trail

4 Aug

Looking for a fun trail right in Reno’s back yard?  Check out the Keystone Canyon Trail located on McCarren Ave.  This is a great trail that I started riding in the begininning of summer and have riden over a dozen times.  I start from my house, which is located right near UNR and ride and ride down to keystone Ave.  From there, its a straight shop up keystone to where the intrance to the trail is.  There’s a parking lot at the beginning of trail, where a bathroom is located. The trail begins with a pretty mellow first couple of minutes and then it’s all up hill from there.  Its about a twenty minute climb to the top of the trail with pretty rugged terrain all the way up.  Once you get to the top, it opens up and there a bunch of other trails you can connect to.  If you decide to head down from their, drop your seat and hold on.  Its a pretty fun downhill with some good bump sections.  The total time to complete the trail should take around thirty minutes.  Hikers are often on the trail too, so  if you decide to hike, just make sure to keep your eyes open for out of control bikers flying down.  Overall this trail is mainly uphill without too many steep climbs and nothing on the trail is to serious.  Its great for beginners and intermediates and will help you become a stronger rider no matter what your abilities are.  Get out, sweat, and have fun!

Directions to trail:   Buisness 395 north to McCarren. West on McCarren untill Keystone Ave, parking on north side on road.


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